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Machine translation with post-editing

DeepL and similar programmes are sophisticated tools available to internet users that almost instantaneously produce a useable translation. But what do these programmes really offer? And what not?

On the one hand, machine translations have become an indispensable part of the modern business world and a great help when large text volumes need to be translated in a short timeframe, for example instruction manuals in the technical field. Furthermore, automatic translations are a blessing and save a lot of time and money in cases where only the content of a text needs to be understood.

On the other hand, machine translations cannot replace human translators when it comes to linguistic subtlety, wordplay, localisation and terminological consistency, such as in law, marketing, or literature, to name only a few. Moreover, machine translation should not be confused with CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools such as SDL Trados, where the translators themselves enter the content into their translation memory database during the translation process, thus increasing terminological consistency.

Based on these considerations and in order to take this development into account, we offer our clients the option of machine translation with professional post-editing. The prerequisite for this is that the client does not have any specific stylistic requirements; in this case significant cost savings can be made.

The process in 3 easy steps:

  1. The client delivers the document to be translated in a form that is readable for machine translation (PDF, DOCX or PPTX) and selects the option machine translation with post-editing.
  2. We have the document translated by machine, but of course ensuring that the text is not saved online and thus cannot be tracked on the internet at a later point in time, so as to guarantee data protection and maintain secrecy (ATTENTION: this is not the case for the widespread free versions of such programmes which save every translated text).
  3. Our proofreader revises the machine translation to ensure that it does not contain any typos, mistranslations, omissions, etc.
  4. We deliver the revised version to the client.

The cost and time savings generated by this option can be up to 50% compared to a purely human translation. Feel free to ask us. We will be happy to provide you with further information.

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