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Each project is of utmost importance!

Project manager

Project manager

The translation project is accepted by a project manager who will be your contact person during the entire translation process. The project manager is the link between the client and the specialised translator, and ensures that the translator receives and complies with all relevant information, stylistic guidelines, client glossaries and adheres to the delivery date.

Specialised translator

Specialised translator

The translators are always specialised translators with the corresponding education and additional training in their field of specialisation. Because we have worked with our translators for many years, we can guarantee the delivery of qualitative and proven translation work even under time pressure.



All of our translations are proofread free of charge. The proofreader pays particular attention to consistency of the terminology used, to discrepancies with regard to content and typing errors.

Final quality reviewer

Final quality reviewer

Our final quality reviewer examines the entire layout of the project to ensure that it corresponds fully to the client's requirements. When these steps have been completed, the project is approved and the project manager delivers the translation to the client.

Further services
Our offers

Consecutive interpretation

Are you planning a meeting, convention or event during which you need to cater to the needs of participants with other languages? We work with a number of interpreters in many different languages and would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Editing and proofreading

We would be pleased to edit or proofread your existing texts in any language.


Do you require a notarised translation? Nothing could be easier: we will translate your document and then obtain the corresponding notarisation.

Desktop Publishing

Our partner will carry out the desktop publishing of your document in any language you require. Let us know your needs and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Machine translation with post-editing

We have the document translated by machine, but of course ensuring that the text is not saved online and thus cannot be tracked on the internet at a later point in time, so as to guarantee data protection and maintain secrecy (ATTENTION: this is not the case for the widespread free versions of such programmes which save every translated text). Our proofreader revises the machine translation to ensure that it does not contain any typos, mistranslations, omissions, etc. The cost and time savings generated by this option can be up to 50% compared to a purely human translation.


Our partnership in this field allows us to offer you language services in the field of video dubbing in many different languages.



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