Translation rates

Category 1

German Italian Bosnian Hungarian
English Spanish Croatian Slovakian
French Portuguese Serbian Slovenian

Category 2

Flemish Lithuanian
Bulgarian Greek Macedonian Russian
Danish Dutch Norwegian Swedish
Estonian Icelandic Polish Czech
Finnish Latvian Rhaeto-Romanic Turkish

Category 3

Chinese Hindi
Farsi Indonesian

  Translation incl.
Proofreading and
Minimum order value*
  Price per line**
Price per hour
Category 1 from 2.50 110.00 75.00
Category 2 from 3.10 120.00 85.00
Category 3 from 4.50 130.00 95.00
*Minimum order value per language, if text is less
than one standard page (30 lines). ** 55 characters incl. spaces
Prices in CHF excl. VAT

  • The price contains the translation as well as proofreading according to the four-eye principle.
  • Should your desired language or a special service not be listed, please ask us. We are more than happy to add this service for you.
  • Scientific texts on request
  • Notarial certifications CHF 75.00 per document
  • Desktop publishing and Web programming CHF 120.00 per hour
  • Dubbing on request
  • Interpreting on request
  • Special terms for large orders
  • Turnover bonus for annual accounts

The rate depends on the degree of difficulty of the source text. Therefore, no general statements can be made on this.

See also our General Terms and Conditions (GTC)


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